Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQS

Do I need an appointment?
For alteration fittings and to try on gowns, yes.
To view accessories, not necessarily, but for optimal customer service when viewing accessories an appointment is highly recommended.

What kind of payments do you accept?
All major credit cards, cash, checks, and money orders are accepted.

Do you offer refunds?
-Alterations will only be refunded if no sewing has been started. If sewing has been started or completed there is no refund available.
-Custom creations there are no refunds.
- Non custom retail accessory purchases can be refunded prior to you wedding or event date
- For purchasing new wedding gowns a full refund can be given if we are notified within 3 days of purchase.  Cancellations past 3 days of placing the order will receive a 50% refund of the initial deposit.

Can I bring champagne?
Of course! You can bring the bubbles and we will supply the champagne glasses.

Can you help preserve my gown?
We use Wedding Gown Preservation Co., a company that has been in business over 100 years. We can send you a kit to be shipped off or you can drop off your dress in the store and we will ship it for you. The price is $199, but ask for a coupon in store!

Alteration FAQS

When should I book a fitting for alterations?
It’s never too early to call your seamstress to find out what their schedule and guidelines are!  It is a good idea to call ahead and schedule your initial appointment with us since we tend to book up fast. Please keep in mind that you don’t have to wait to lose weight to give us a call.

How many fittings does it take?
Every seamstress is different, at Lillian Mae Bridal in most cases three fittings:
First fitting/consult- We do the pinning and measuring to provide a written quote. At this time you will be given a copy of the quote if you plan on visiting other seamstresses, or if you decide to go with LMB a minimum of ⅓ deposit is required. 
Second fitting- The alterations have been started, but they are not complete. You will try on the dress again to make sure the fit is perfect and adjustments can still be made at this time. After this second fitting, we  suggest trying to maintain weight and to try to avoid any additional weight loss/gain.
Final/third fitting- The point where all alterations have been completed and the dress has been pressed or steamed. You will try on the dress to make sure everything is perfect. At this time the final balance is paid and you take the dress home.

How much will my alterations cost?
The price depends on multiple factors, including the number of layers, width of the skirt, type of fabric, whether it has lace or beading, and the type of alterations needed.

Our average customer spends around $300-600 for taking in the bodice, hem, adding cups, and a bustle.  Simple two layer dresses will be on the lower end of the spectrum, while gowns with beading and lace that would require handwork are on the higher end.

Call to book an appointment for a more accurate quote.

Do I have to buy my dress at your shop to have you do my alterations?

No! We are happy to work with anyone to make their dress perfect.

When do I pay for alterations?
A deposit will be needed during the first fitting. If for some reason you are unable to pay the deposit at this time, the deposit will be needed before sewing can begin.

What do I bring to my fitting?
- Your dress
- The shoes you plan on wearing with the dress (if you have them). Shoes are required by the second fitting- if you don’t have your actual shoes then bring a shoe with the exact same heel height
-The undergarments that you plan on wearing like a bra, spanx, or petticoat (if you are not sure you can call and ask or we can discuss during the first fitting)
-If you plan on leaving the dress, a deposit will be needed

Do I actually need a bra?
In most cases, no. Most dresses come with corset-like support built in. We have a variety of cups that can be sewn in or your own personal bra can be sew in. This is a personal choice that can be decided during the first fitting.

What if I am working on losing weight?
We understand that losing weight is a process, so you do not need to be at your goal weight before calling us. The process of alterations requires multiple fittings and you have up until the second fitting for us to still make some adjustments.

Can you help customize my wedding dress?
Yes.  As skilled seamstresses our team can offer a variety of customization options ranging from custom straps, sleeves, necklines, adding beading, and other extra details. During your initial consult we can discuss the options and design details.

Is it possible to take in a dress more than two sizes?
Yes, however, we usually discourage people from purchasing over 2 sizes too big because sometimes the alterations can become quite complex. This results in more expensive alterations and the overall fit and desired look can be difficult to achieve.

Can you help me update my mom’s vintage wedding gown?
Yes! That is one of Leslie’s favorite things to do (she is LMB owner and alterations expert). Sleeves can be removed, necklines can be redesigned, or even portions of your mother’s lace can be updated to your new gown for an updated look.

We always try to respect the wishes of the original owner (mom) and the integrity of the dress when taking on this type of project.

Can you fix the missing beads on my dress?
Yes, we have jars and jars of beads in house and are experts at beading and duplicating complex designs.

Do you alter anything besides wedding gowns?
We concentrate on special occasion dress like wedding, prom, bridesmaids,gala, and mother of the bride/groom dresses.

Do you do men’s tailoring or alterations?

Dress Shopping FAQS

How many people can I bring to my fitting?
You are welcome to bring in as many people as you like, but please keep in mind that the more people you bring in the more opinions there are. This can at times be overwhelming to brides who are trying to decide on personal fit options and accessories.

If you have more than 3 additional people coming please let us know in advance so we can make sure there is plenty of seating for everyone.

What designers do you carry?
We are a growing business and have just started to carry wedding gowns in our store. Our selection is small, but you are welcome to make an appointment to view what we have.

As of now we carry  Roz La Kelin, Kitty Chen, Lotus Threads, Val Stefani, Pronovias, Davinci, Ella Rosa, and Riki Dalal and we also have an assortment of consignment gowns, off-the-rack, and vintage samples.

When do I pay for my wedding dress?
When you decide to order your gown a minimum deposit of 50% will be required, the balance will be needed when the dress arrives and you pick up the dress or have your first alterations fitting.